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Datum: 02.05.2022

Welcome New Lab Member! We are very excited to announce that Root Functional Biology Lab is welcoming new PhD student Ms. Zamiga Khalilova from Azerbaijan.

Zamiga will study and work in our group for three years with the funding of PhenoRob – Robotics and Phenotyping for Sustainable Crop Production (EXC 2070). Zamiga will focus on root development and its biotic interaction with rhizosphere microbes that contributing to efficient use of soil phosphorus in maize. This excellent program will be in close collaboration with the labs of Gabriel Schaaf (Uni-Bonn), Peter Dörmann (Uni-Bonn), Andrea Schnepf (FZJ-IBG3) and Guillaume Lobet (FZJ-IBG3).

We wish you will enjoy the life and work in our team!