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Annika Kortz


Research focus

I focus on the deciphering of the transcriptomic control underlying the mechanism of heterosis manifestation during lateral root formation in maize.

Academic CV

  • Since 2018
    PhD studies at the chair of Crop Functional Genomics, Institute of Crop Science and Resource Conservation, Faculty of Agriculture, Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelm-University Bonn

  • 2016 to 2018
    Master of Science “Crop Science”
    Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelm-University Bonn

  • 2012 to 2016
    Bachelor of Science “Agricultural Science”
    Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelm-University Bonn



  • Marcon C, Altrogge L, Win Y, Stöcker T, Gardiner J, Portwood J, Opitz N, Kortz A, Baldauf J, Hunter C, McCarty D, Koch K, Schoof H, Hochholdinger F (2020) BonnMu: a sequence-indexed resource of transposon induced maize mutations for functional genomics studies. Plant Physiol 184, 620-631.


  • Kortz A, Hochholdinger F, Yu P (2019) Cell type-specific transcriptomics of lateral root formation and plasticity. Front Plant Sci 10: 21.  Free Article


  • Reinert S, Kortz A, Léon J, Naz A (2016) Genome-Wide Association Mapping in the Global Diversity Set Reveals New QTL Controlling Root System and Related Shoot Variation in Barley. Front Plant Sci 7: 1061.  Free PMC Article